TU Delft API documentation

Client Registration

If you want to apply for registration as a client, you can send an e-mail to opendata@tudelft.nl.

Please provide the following information, when you apply for registration:

Name* The name of your application
Description The purpose of your application
Contact name Your name or the name of your organisation
E-mail The address on which we can reach you
Redirect URL's The URL to your application (multiple values possible)
Thumbnail*  A thumbnail picture of your application (80x80 px, jpg)

Choose which of the following grants apply to your client. More information about the authorization and grants can be found in the developers guide.

  • Authorisation Grant
    Grant to retrieve information per individual; also select the Scope.
    Users will need to accept the provisioning of their information, the first time they access your client.
  • Client Credentials Grant
    Grant to retrieve general information, such as building information.

Applies only in case of Authorisation Grant. Select one or more of the level of autorisation:

  • Personal information
  • Roster information
  • Grades information

Note: the end-user permits retrieval of the information per type during the log in procedure.

* this information will be shown in the Consent screen to the users when they first access your client and are asked to accept the provisioning of their information.

After you have submit your information, we will send you client-ID and client secret on the contact address you provided.

In some cases, applications may wish to update your information. For example your website redirect URL's or your application icon. In this case, please also send your updates to opendata@tudelft.nl